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Matt Emerson                    

(Click here to buy my book, now out from Paulist Press)

"Matt Emerson is outstanding. I was lucky enough to hear him speak at a focus group I attended. He delivered a confident and creative presentation that revealed his intimate understanding of the Bible and its relevance in our daily lives. His faith is deep, and contagious. He inspired us all to connect to biblical truths on a deeply personal level, flawlessly bridging those truths with our purpose for meeting, and setting the tone for a successful and purpose-driven event."

-William Dugan, Founder & CEO, The Lead Group

"With a calm and authentic voice, Matt Emerson's audience is treated to an exciting journey to a richer understanding of our relationship with God and neighbor. Mr. Emerson is an exciting new Catholic author and speaker, whom I dare say, will become a most sought ought thinker and writer regarding the inner dimension of the soul."

-Edwin J. Hearn, President, St. Augustine High School (San Diego, CA)

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Thank you for visiting!  My work has appeared in a number of publications, including the Wall Street JournalAmerica, Commonweal,,, and more.  

Until November of 2015, I wrote regularly for America magazine at "The Ignatian Educator" blog.  You can read my farewell post here and access archives here

I also recently finished my first book, Why Faith? A Journey of Discovery,  published by Paulist Press in May of 2016.  


The Catholic Press Association named my September 2012 essay "Help Their Unbelief" from America magazine as the "best essay" in the category of national general interest magazine for 2012. The follow up essay (a companion piece) to "Help Their Unbelief" is titled "Preambles for Faith: Effective Ways to Nurture Belief Among Skeptical Students," and was also published in America


I have spoken at schools and parishes throughout the United States, including: Seattle, Wash.; Tacoma, Wash.; Belmont, Calif.; Modesto, Calif.; St. Louis, Mo.; Tempe, Ariz.; Phoenix, Ariz.; La Quinta, Calif.; and Palm Desert, Calif.

Notable speaking engagements include:

  • Commencement Speaker, Central Catholic High School (Modesto, CA), 2016

  • Keynote Speaker, Archdiocese of Seattle Principals’ Retreat, 2013.

  • Faith Formation Guest Leader, Sacred Heart Catholic School (Palm Desert, CA), 2014-2016.

  • Young Catholic Professionals, Phoenix Chapter, Executive Speaker Series (2018)

For more about the topics I speak and write about, click here.


I studied philosophy at Saint Louis University (BA, Philosophy, 2004) and then attended law school at the University of Notre Dame (2008), where, in addition to my legal studies, I took graduate coursework in Catholic moral theology, healthcare ethics, and bioethics. 





  Photo courtesy of    Vera in August Fine Photography   .